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Carton packaging in the meantime is unmissable. They pack a various range of products – from cakes to CD-s – and make it possible that various products we need are buyable, transportable and useable. The future of cardboard packaging is therefore looking very good. In the last couple of years more and more products are being packed in cardboard.

Carton is relatively cheap, it is foldable and therefore space efficient. Packaging from cardboard is very strong and relatively light in weight, which is a benefit especially for the transport and retail sector.


NEW! Design 573

When time and effort is spent on cake and/or pastry, you want to do it justice by not only presenting it the right way but also making sure it arrives at its destination in one piece. Veerkarton offers you a variety of boxes to present your cake/pastry the way it deserves to be presented and now adds Design 573 to the mix.

The new design (573) is a white cake or window box (with lacquer) with a touch of gold in the form of a golden frame that gives the design a chic and contemporary look. First and foremost, the design will replace existing Designs 55 and 58, but will also be introduced shortly as an American-, chocolate-, and XL box.

By adding the new design to the Veerkarton product range, a neutral assortment is created which allows you to offer your products in the same manner. The Design is also a great addition to your standard packaging in case of special offers or if you have run out of your own packaging.

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Veer Karton is one of the bigger dutch producers of packaging from cardboard. Main customers are situated in the food sector. But this has not evolved on its own...
Carton is one of the most used packaging material in Europe. This corresponds with a lot of advantages as product safety, information and advertisment…
With Veerkarton the customer stands with his creativety on the first place. We are aware that manufactures want to differ themselves from the …
Cupcakes Design 607
Cupcakes Dessin 607
Cup cakes are at the moment a very trendy product. Present your cup cakes in our cupcake boxes with special cup cake interior for “normal” and “mini” cup cakes.
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