Active since 1956.

This is how we presented our packaging in the 70s.

Veer Karton is one of the bigger dutch producers of packaging from cardboard. Main customers are situated in the food sector. But this has not evolved on its own.

The founder of the company is Willem van ’t Veer, which started a paper retail in 1956. Shortly after Veerkarton took the production of packaging into own hands. In 1968 the first printing and punching machines were purchased. In the mean time Veerkarton masters the complete process: from the cardboard as a raw material until the finished packaging.

The base is cardboard.

Carton is one of the most used packaging material in Europe. This corresponds with a lot of advantages as product safety, information and advertisement but also is very environmental friendly.


Creativity is no foreign word for Veerkarton. With internal en external graphic designers we permanently work on new layouts of designs and articles. This of cours is done in close cooperation with our customers.


When the measurements of boxes vary from our standards we are able to make samples for our customers. These are needed to insure the size is correct and the cardboard quality is sufficient. Veerkarton sees this as an extra service.


Veerkarton prints in offset. Our CMYK / Full Colour and second 2 colour printing unit is fitted with a varnish unit, which provides our products with the special finishing. When requested we can also work with an UV varnish which supplies the boxes with an even higher grade of shine–level.

Warehouse and transport.

Veerkartons has a „high base“ warehouse, out of which our standard boxes can be supplied. With external transport companies our products are delivered to our customers on a daily bases

Packaging – up-to-date.

Carton packaging in the meantime are unmissable. They pack a various range of products – from cakes to CD-s – and make it possible that various products we need are buyable, transportable and useable. The future of Carton packaging is therefor looking very good. In the last couple of years more and more products are being packed in Carton.

Carton is relatively cheap, it is foldable and therefor space efficient. Packaging from Carton are very strong and relatively light in weight, which is a benefit especially for the transport and retail sector.